Japan Holidays

We set out to get under the skin of the 130 destinations that we visit, from Egypt to Jamaica and from Bolivia to Japan. Your trip to Japan will also give you the opportunity to visit the popular Deer Park nearby the temple, filled with over 1,000 deer you can greet and feed. We can’t recommend this tour company enough for introductory Japan travel. We have arranged Japan tour packages that include this 1100 year old celebration, which originally began as a religious ceremony dating back to 869.

Kyoto was Japan’s capital for 1,000 years, so visitors can learn so much about Japan’s history and culture here. Japan’s mountainous landscapes, hidden valleys, traditional gardens, onsens (hot springs), and ancient temples are bewitching. Home to dozens of volcanoes, Japan’s interior is also where the Japanese have mastered the art of spa thanks to an abundance of mineral-rich water springs bubbling up to the earth’s surface.

Top Deck ( topdeck.travel ) are specifically for 18 to 30 somethings and currently feature two tours of Japan, one focusing on ski resorts, the other the culture and sites. Train from Tokyo to Osaka: Go to Tokyo train station, validate your Japan Rail Pass, and take the train that will take you to Osaka train station. We certainly got to see a lot of Japan and although the travel distances were quite long they soon passed by using the first class Japanese transport systems.

A Japan tour with Travelbag is an unforgettable opportunity to immerse yourself in this country’s striking extremes, whether you’re getting blissfully lost in Tokyo’s mammoth urban sprawl, finding peace amongst Kyoto’s sakura, experiencing a moment of reflection in Hiroshima or sampling an entirely new culinary delight. Choose one of our Japan tour packages to experience Nara’s historic treasures.

The rapid rise of middle class throughout Asia and the decline of the Japanese Yen against so many currencies in the past few years ensure Japan is overrun with international visitors all year round. Our Japan adventure tours offer you classic Japanese experiences from visiting temples and shrines vacation in japan Kyoto to staying in traditional ryokans or finishing a long day at a sento, a communal Japanese bath house.

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